Dear Valued customers,

Due to the current health measures set in place, we will be open for Take-Out and Delivery only.

We thank you for your continuous support. Please stay safe. We will all get through this together! 


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Special #1   $9.99

Includes: one skewer of chicken breast, rice, picked veggies, hummus, garlic paste, pita bread, and a drink. 

Special #3  10.99

Includes: three pieces of falafel, two grape leaves, hummus, picked veggies, greens mix, pita bread, and a drink. (Vegetarian special)



Falafel Sandwich Combo $8.99
Falafel Sandwich: falafel, tomato, parsley, and tahini sauce wrapped up in bread. Served with a side of pickles and a drink.

Special #2  10.99

Includes: two skewers of Lule kebab, rice, pickled veggies, hummus, onions, pita bread, and a drink. 

Deal for Four   $49.99

Perfect for a group lunch or dinner. Includes: three skewers of chicken breast, four skewers of Lule kebab, grilled tomatoes, onions mix, pita bread, pickled veggies, garlic paste, and rice. Comes with one order of hummus, and one order of house salad.

Chicken breast sandwich Combo $8.99
Chicken breast Sandwich: grilled chicken, tomato, onions & parsley, and garlic paste wrapped up in bread. Served with a side of pickles and a drink.